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Video: Leilani Münter, Race Car Driver

Leilani Münter is a professional race car driver, biologist and environmental activist…her moto: “life is short, race hard, live green!” She holds a degree in Biology and as a longtime vegetarian and eco activist, adopts an acre of rainforest for every race she runs. Leilani races in the ARCA league of NASCAR and is the fourth woman in history to race the Indy Pro Series. Her racing accomplishments have landed her on the pages of USA Today, Italian Vogue, Esquire, ESPN and Sports Illustrated named her one of the top ten female race car drivers in the world. As an Ambassador for the National Wildlife Federation she is politically active in the legislative fight for the environment and clean energy and (bonus!) her brother in law is Bob Weir of The Grateful Dead, Ratdog and Further. Go Leilani!

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  1. “life is short, race hard, live green!”

    given her qualifications and her tastes she sure lives upto this line. way to go.

  2. what a multi talented woman, she is awesome
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  6. She’s right about green living. It is the way to go! The Earth is suffering from our own acts so it’s time to wake up and fix the things that broken.
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  7. Hi clean energy is something that has to be adopted. We have to stop letting oil rule the world . If we never had oil revenue we would all be running around in vehicles by now powered by probably hydrogen. The most abundant element in the universe

    About time we all got our act together and stopped taking the short term view thanks lee

  8. Car driving is always interesting. It will be more interesting when keeps with your best guy. I like to long drive throughout my fit car. Thanks for sharing with us!

  9. Thanks for sharing this great video.Green living surely is the way to go.

  10. Great article thanks for sharing.

  11. I enjoyed watching the video. Gives inspiration to car lovers and car racers. I have read some interesting research papers on car racers.
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  12. She is such a nice person, I enjoy what she is doing. Also I thought racecar was the most spectated sport in America
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  13. Now that’s girl power at its finest! Her every race happens for a reason, she’s definitely an advocate of nature. You go girl!

  14. Going green is the best bandwagon to jump in and I’m glad that she’s very much into the concept. Thanks for sharing this awesome video :)

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    This is an excellent post. I like racing very much. Racing is always excited. This video clip is so nice. I like it. Thanks friend and keep it up.
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  16. I have to agree with everyone; it’s indeed a great post!
    Considering the number of things that she has achieved already, the word “multi-talented” does not sound good enough to describe her!!
    I mean, it’s pretty incredible what she’s done!!
    Great post again! :)
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  17. really a nice article

  18. “life is short, race hard, live green!” what a good motto in life. She is definitely right, life is too short for us to just waste one day worrying over petty things instead of making lots out of it.

  19. I’ve definitely spent 3 minutes of my life doing worse things, neat video! I feel like I didn’t do it the justice it deserved but to be fair I did just get out of my exams in college :P
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  20. Hey,

    You have shared an interesting and informative information with us.Thanks for sharing the information.Racing is very exited task.I love the video.

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  21. I like that song that you had automatically played with I landed on the page but it didn’t show an artist. Is that you?

  22. Most of us, especially the teens nowadays would always complain how “miserable” their life seems to be just because of simple issues.Her motto is an eye opener that we should always make thing better for our life and not to focus over our problems.

  23. Yes Leilani! Do it for the girls! She’s such a role model!

  24. So we can all agree that Leilani is pretty much the most AMAZING person on the planet, right? She’s only one step away from being a superhero – and I bet if she TRIED to jump over a building in a single bound, she’d likely clear it with ease!

  25. Of course, Leilan is working as a role model, no doubt to it.
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  26. I salute you Leilani for what you are doing,very interesting woman!
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  27. I wonder, how just 4 women has been in Indy… Maybe it is increasing in the future.

  28. Leilani Münter is good race car driver there is no doubt on that and cause that she is supporting make her great sportsperson we can have
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  29. i love it thank you for the share.

  30. Very nice girl, I wish her best luck.
    Thanks for sharing this.
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  31. I am appreciate her thoughts life is short and race is hard,I am bookmarked your post,Thankful to it….
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  32. Love your video,man!! what a nice girl.

  33. attractive woman. how hard her hobby, they are still women..hehe
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  34. Great Driver. It is really nice to see girls getting more competent as the years pass by. Keep it up Girl.

  35. Leilani Münter is a an extremely professional car racing driver as a lady she must be so proud of having a prestige in car racing industry.

  36. Leilani Münter is a nice girl but there is no doubt that she is a good racing car driver.

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  37. Great article thanks for sharing.

  38. I like Leilani Münter and her driving style. But the words “Drive Hard” is not for everyone. You should be careful before going hard at something specially while driving a car.

  39. Love your video,man!! what a nice girl.

  40. I am appreciate her thoughts life is short and race is hard,I am bookmarked your post,Thankful to it….

  41. Love your video,man!! what a nice girl.
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  42. Leilani Münter is good race car driver there is no doubt on that and cause that she is supporting make her great sportsperson we can have
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  43. Love your video,man!! what a nice girl.
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  44. My kind of woman.She must have a few quid as well if she is to racing.
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  45. I really like her. She has got awesome personality. I really agree with her “life is short, race hard, live green!”. People like her should always contribute towards the society.

  46. Leilani Münter is good race car driver there is no doubt on that and cause that she is supporting make her great sportsperson we can have

  47. She is really awesome. Thanks for sharing good article.Great round of applause from team.:)

  48. This is really amazing article thanks for sharing.
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  49. a friend of mine that is a huge racing fan showed me a video of this racer.

    from what i saw, she is good at what she does.

  50. Really fabulous! I am very much happy to hear about the interview of Leilani because I heard a lot about of her as a professional race car driver. So she is always good and hope that she will much more popularity in near future as well. Best of luck:)

  51. I have always been intrigued by Leilani. A green racing driver, almost a oxymoron.
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  52. Thanks… car racing, a sport that is really fun. But quite an expensive hobby.

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